A filtration system is a combination of different stages put together to accomplish one result which is good water quality for your Koi fish.

Understanding Filters

Welcome to Aqua Ponds! If you’re visiting our site, chances are you’re interested in enhancing or constructing your koi pond filter system. Our goal is to provide you with clear guidance throughout the process. A well-designed filter system is essential for your koi pond, ensuring the cleanliness of your pond water and the well-being of your fish. It consists of four key stages: pump, mechanical, biological, and UV clarifier.

                                      Below is the break down of how it works 

Pump: Is there to  effectively circulates water from the pond through the filters, maintaining optimal filtration.

Mechanical filter: Designed to efficiently traps solid waste and floating particles, keeping your pond pristine.

Biological filter: Plays a vital role in supporting the ecosystem by converting toxic gases into less harmful substances. Lastly,

UV clarifier: Acts as a preventive measure against algae, maintaining the clarity of your water. Count on Aqua Ponds to help you achieve the finest filter system for your beloved koi pond.


A biological filter is a crucial part of your pond filtration system. It may be unseen, but its role is vital in maintaining the quality of your pond water. Once the mechanical filter collects fish waste and debris, biological filter takes over, acting as a guardian to protect your precious fish from harmful substances. Beneficial bacteria play a remarkable role in this process by transforming toxic ammonia (NH3) into nitrite (No2), which can be just as harmful if left unchecked. Nitrite is then converted into the safer nitrate (No3). This natural and efficient process ensures the safety and well-being of your fish. If you want to enhance your biological filter, there are products available to activate it further. Experience the wonders of biological filters and witness the magic they can bring to your pond.

The Aqua Ponds range of low pressure filters offers energy-efficient operation and cost-effectiveness.  These filters are designed for hassle-free cleaning and maintenance, with easy access. They combine mechanical and biological elements to provide optimal filtration for up to 20,000 litres of water. For more information, please contact us.

UV light

 Discover the Essential Role of UV Light in Achieving Crystal Clear Water. Your filter system’s final stage, a UV light, plays a crucial role in ensuring water clarity. By effectively eliminating single-celled free-flowing algae, which often turns your water green if left unchecked, a UV light helps maintain a pristine pond environment. As water passes through the UV unit, it is exposed to ultraviolet light, efficiently eliminating algae and promoting a healthier water ecosystem.

Types of filters

Pressuried Filters

Bubble bead filter is  a pressurised mechanical filter system. Although it exactly like a good old sand sand filter on its appearance  but works completely different on the inside. It uses plastic beads instead of sand which means less strain on your pump. It comes with an air blower for backwash which means it uses  mostly air to backwash instead of water, Very economical and easy to maintain. 

Koi filters  use koi sand or clino fish inside which does a very good job to clean your water.  

Pre filter

Brush filters use brushes on the inside. Ideal to install just before your normal sand filter to relief it of some of  the strain. To clean just pull brushes out and rinse with a horse pipe These come in two sizes 800mm and 400mm.

25 litre bio filter with a uv

biological filter combo comes with a uv clarifier.

Bio filter 25 litre

Designed to handle between 1000 to 12000 litres of water

10l bio filter

Recomended for small ponds between 3000 to 5000 liters of pond water

Brick and mortar Chambers

Brick and mortar chambers were ingeniously designed to save electricity, making them a perfect choice for eco-conscious individuals. Their open structure eliminates the need for a powerful pump, allowing for the use of a small and energy-efficient one. With two flexible options available, either pump feed gravity return or gravity feed pump return, operating these systems becomes a breeze. Thanks to their compatibility with low power consuming submersible pumps, Aqua Ponds open chamber design systems offer an efficient and sustainable solution for your pond needs.

50 liter Gravity combo

This is an example of pump feed gravity return. Designed to handle from approximately 5000 liters of water to around 8000 liters, Aqua Ponds offers a convenient solution for your water management needs. With its easy installation and maintenance, this system ensures hassle-free operation. Join our satisfied customers and enjoy the benefits of a well-maintained water supply.

25 Gravity combo

Aqua Ponds introduces the 25 Gravity combo, a versatile filter designed specifically for small ponds ranging from 3000 liters to about 4500 liters. This all-in-one solution combines Mechanical, Biological, and Uv clirifier functions, streamlining your pond maintenance. Available in two sizes, 25l and 15l, Aqua Ponds’ filter ensures optimal water quality without compromising convenience.